Hi, we are Papermoustache!

We take pictures, we design and develop websites, we can help you brand your company.


We are a couple before we are a company and we are a team before we are a couple. We never fight unless we are working on a layout but when we do the final work is better than it was before.

We care about what we do: we don’t think photography and design will change the world or save lives, but we think working with passion changes the world we live in and makes our lives better.

We want to work with people who take pride in a job well done and love what they do. We want to be enthusiastic and engaged and we want to feel great about the work we have done.


If you want to find out if we can be a good match for you, the best thing to do it fill our client worksheet.

When I’m not coding I’m probably running up and down some mountain, playing videogames or binge watching a series with Sara, but sometimes I code a little in my head while I do that.

Few things make me happier than finding the perfect font, maybe tiramisu. Definitely tiramisu.


When I was six I truly believed I would become Santa’s Little Helper and, with time, I’d take over, become Santa and gain access to all the toys in the world. Part of me still thinks this is going to happen, but photography seems to be close enough, in the meanwhile. I’m obsessed with people’s faces and never met someone who wasn’t interesting.